GizzA - Vintage Aviator Jacket [MALE]

Spot on the upcoming seasons is the GizzA - Vintage Aviator Jacket for the men. A Long sleeved leather jacket that fits comfortably around your torso, with matching Shirt which is worn underneath (optional).

The GizzA - Vintage Aviator Jacket can be worn in 2 different styles; 
Just the jacket or a combination of the Jacket with T-Shirt.
There are 6 different alpha's for fitting your body shape.

GizzA - Urban Style Outfits

Casual and easy going is perfect for fall / winter when the air gets colder.
GizzA put together the Urban Style Outfits, for your styling convenience. 
In 4 ready to wear sets for you to choose from.

The GizzA - Urban Style Outfits consist of a Vintage Leather Jacket, Winter Leggings, a layered V-Neck shirt, a Bow Bag, Sunglasses and Key Necklace.