GizzA - Karenina Dress

 Let's welcome GizzA - Karenina, a dress with scooped bodice, worthy any high-society fashionista. The figure hugging pencil skirt style dress reaches to the knee, making it perfect for evenings spending with friends and sipping on cocktails. 

GizzA - Karenina Coctail Dress is mesh, and is available in 6 dark and rich colors.
For a demo please visit the main store before purchasing.  

GizzA - Mesh Sneakers

A girl can never have enough shoes, this rule is universal, and well understood by GizzA Creations. With that in mind, this new release of wedged Mesh Sneakers is one that will surely make you run to the store to grab your own pair.

Sporty and casual, the GizzA - Mesh Sneakers can be worn with jeans, shorts, capri pants and mini skirts, whatever look you have in mind, you got the options to match each color to your styling. The GizzA - Mesh Sneakers come in 16 color combinations.

Just remember, if the shoe fits, buy the fatpack!

GizzA - Cadet Couture

West Point boys watch out! With the newest release by GizzA called Cadet Couture, we show the world the military no longer is a man's world.

Ultra feminine, this ensemble has a jacket with the epaulets adoring the shoulders, detailed cuffed sleeves and buckled belt that fits around the waist snuggly while the ruffled mini dress cascades over your hips.

Cadet Couture is a non mesh outfit which comes in 5 colors, and includes the accessories like the hat and belt. Military chic like this surely deserves a Salute!

GizzA - Military Coats

On the mark with the current military trends, please take notice of the GizzA Military Coats. Inspired on the traditional dress uniforms with big brass buttons, this versatile swallow tailed coat can be worn with pants, a sleek miniskirt or if you feel more daring, with just a bodysuit underneath.

Not forgetting the boys, the GizzA - Military Coats are also available for men. The design adjusted to fit the male posture perfectly, these coats were meant for that fashion sensible male who is on point of the current fashions.

The GizzA - Military Coats come in 8 colors, for both men and women and are mesh. We advise you to get a demo before purchasing.

GizzA - Padded Coats

Warm, and very able to conquer any winter winds is the GizzA - Padded Coats. For the ladies, slightly cropped showing off a flash of the stomach area. Wear them with your favorite top when venturing out in the snow.

To match the ladies, the Padded Coats for males are also available. Longer then the ladies version, but equally stylish and comfortable.

The GizzA - Padded Coats come in 4 colors, for both men and women and are mesh. We advise you to get a demo before purchasing.

GizzA - Combat Boots

For the adventurous but stylish fashionista, these boots are the perfect compliment to their winter wardrobe. With the warm and comfortable slouchy socks, you can;t go wrong. Wear them with shorts, or with a skinny jeans tucked in snuggly.  Venture outdoors to the woods, or go hike on the snow covered mountains.

These boots indeed were made for walking.

The GizzA - Combat Boots are equipped with loose tied laces and are worn with warm slouchy socks all perfect colored to match the boots. Available in 4 neutral colors, there is a guarantee you will find the perfect pair for you.

GizzA - Loose Denim Shorts and Short Outfits

Sassy, Sexy and Sweet. The Loose Denim Shorts are mesh hot pants jeans, which show some of the remaining pocket peeping from the hem. These shorts can be worn each season, wear them with warm tights in winter and without in summer, to show off your legs, therefor making them a must have for your denim collection.

The GizzA - Loose Denim Shorts are available in 6 colors, from vintage to stonewashed denim, to more classic black. The shorts are complimented with a loose tied knot belt, and highly detailed pockets on the back.


To make your shopping easy, GizzA Creations offers the possibility to purchase a completely styled outfit. In one click of a button, you will own the sport chic look as seen in the picture, from top to bottom. From the padded jacket to the tough girl combat boots. How much more convenience could you wish for?

GizzA - Anna Gown

GizzA is proud to present the GizzA - Anna Gown. A breathtaking gown, which can be worn either full length in mermaid style, or at knee length which gives it a more vintage flapper appeal. The gown is complimented with a diamond adorned belt that is knotted in the back with a satin bow, and a Tie collar which is also adorned with the precious gems gracing the belt.

Worn by Anna Sapphire, Miss Virtual World 2012, on her last walk as reigning Miss Virtual World on December 15th, this beautiful gown caused a wave of excitement as she made her entrance. The fabric, hugging the body, shimmers and shines and give the feeling of utmost refinement and class.

GizzA - Anna Gown is available in 4 luxurious colors, and comes in several sizes [MESH] to fit your body shape. 

Have the option of wearing it formal at full length of cocktail style at knee length. The choice is yours.

GizzA - Linnda Gown

Elegance and grace, embodied in an amazing creation. The GizzA - Linnda Gown is a figure hugging, full length gown. With its mermaid flared skirt, and its high collared body, you will be the epitome of classic chic. 

But as sometimes is the case, GizzA - Linnda Gown is not what she appears to be. As demure as the front view looks, as daring is the back, with its jaw dropping, eye popping backside cleavage. Showing enough to leave your admirers in dreams as you walk out.

The GizzA - Linnda Gown is available to you in 6 vibrant and bold colors and is accompanied by the matching fur gloves and hat. Bring back the Hollywood Glam of ages and get yours today!

GizzA - Winter for Men Collection

With the Winterseason at its peak, what tickles your imagination more then a well dressed man in winter couture. Elegant yet bold and so so confident. Face the cold in these fashionable separates, varying from slim pants to well fitted blazers and accessories such as scarfs and hats to match.

The GizzA - Casual Blazer Suits come in an amazing variety of colors, allowing you to choose from 9 different colors to pick from to create your own style. To make the choice even better, how about 6 colors to pick from for the pants and a whopping 12 colors to pick for the scarf. Be bold in plaid, or eton chique in checkered tweed. The sky is the limit.!

To make your styling even more convenient GizzA is giving the option to purchase a complete styled look. the GizzA - Casual Suit Outfits, which consists of the stylish Blazers, matching pants and to complete the look, the hat and matching warm, comfortable scard and the very fashionable Casual Boots. All in one buy!

GizzA - DoubleSweater

New and sure to make those cold winter days more warm and filled with comfort.
The GizzA - DoubleSweater which comes in soft and warm wool and cotton. 

The heavy wool knit sweater with high quality eye to detail which reflects in the leather strap which binds the collar together is something any stylish man can't afford to not have in his wardrobe.

The GizzA - DoubleSweater Woolen is available in 5 different colors and is full mesh.

You can find the collection of colors and the demo at the mainstore.

What better way to conquer the cold winter days then the DoubleSweater in cotton. The combination of layers, starting with a shirt and topped with a turtleneck sweater is sure to keep you comfortable in style.

The GizzA - DoubleSweater Cotton comes in 4 separate colors and is full mesh.
You can find the collection of colors and the demo at the mainstore.