GizzA - BOSL Gown - Mesh

Bosl Shopping Center special..
 available 4 colors..


Photo by: MokaTana Boa

GizzA - PomPoms - Mesh-

Photo by: Hikaru Enimo

Photo by: Asia Rae
Photo by: Neva Crystall

GizzA - Flowers of Hope

The Ashraya Project Special

GizzA - Dance in the Wind

Culture Shock 2012 Exclusive

Photo: Asia Rae
Model: Federica Galtier 

GizzA AD May

Photo by: Graphic Dix

GizzA - Sport Series Mesh

Photo by: Asia Rae
Photo by: Asia Rae

GizzA - Kallisto Dress

Photo: NevaCrystall
Model & Photo: Kallisto Destiny


MWFW 2012 - GizzA - Street Collection [Mesh]

Photographer: Asia Rae

GizzA - Rain Coctail Dress

Photo by: Asia Rae

GizzA - TopCoat Outfit

GizzA - Tribal Dress

GizzA - VALENTINO InspiratioN


GizzA - Spring Mesh Collection

GizzA - Spring Mesh Collection