GizzA - Morning After

For those special Morning Afters, where you feel like slipping into a sexy dress and spend the lazy day with that special someone from the Night Before. 

Feel sexy in this satin slipdress! Daring and showing your legs to the max, GizzA - Morning After dress comes in a large variety of colours (nine) and comes with matching panties.

Noone will be able to resist you!

GizzA - Fiers de la Haute

Be that Fashion Femme Fatale in GizzA - Fiers de la Haute gown.

Fierce and Flamboyant, the GizzA - Fiers de la Haute gown is an edgy and avant garde gown. The top is daring in transparent chiffon which can be worn with or without the bra, depending on your mood (or modesty). The luscious belted skirt is made in layers and layers of black gem studded tulle. 

GizzA - Military Coats

A coat with a military Flair.
Mix it up with a pant, short, skirt or be daring in a simple bodysuit. Play to combine all styles with it, it will always fit. 

The GizzA - Military Coats come in 8 colours, all in the fall 2012 colourscheme, with dark red, plum, olive, mullberry, brow, green, grey and so much more options to choose from. Come check it out!

GizzA - Padded Coats

Casual look for this different coat... Wear it with a pair of jeans,  chic pants or a cute mini dress and you will shine everywhere. 

The GizzA - Padded Coats are perfect to keep you warm in style!
Available in numerous colours, there is always a colour that will fit you best so get yours now!

GizzA - Belted Coats

Sophisticated and Chique are just two words describing the new Belted Coats.
The perfect compliment to your autumn 2012 wardrobe, this versatile coat can be worn with pants, with a miniskirt or even wear it as a dress.

Wear it with a scarf, also available in matching colours, or wear without, the Belted Coats will meet your every stylingwish now that the winds are picking up and the leaves are falling.

GizzA - Fall 2012 Collection for Men

Get inspired by the creations from the GIZZA FALL 2012 COLLECTION, with its earthtones, furs and comfortable sweaters and jackets, there is a style for everyone, from casual, to chique, daytime to evening.

Feel the chill in the air against your face, and as the trees start to shed their leaves, you know that with GIZZA FALL 2012 COLLECTION, you have the clothing available to conquer the storms and the rains. 

The latest designs by GizzA, photographed in wonderful settings, styled and modeled by the creme de la creme of male models in Second Life.

Why would you settle for less?

GizzA - Studded Suits

When Rock meets Ethnic is when the most beautiful things happen.
Dark, luscious and very glamorous designs are born and you can't help to start sing along with your favorite rock band.

The ensemble is versatile with more then one style to choose from. Wear it sexy with the mini skirt or be the ultimate rock diva in the long pants.

To top off the amazing look, the jewelry for the GizzA - Studded Suits is included in the package, so once again, convenience is provided and the perfect rock look is ready for you to wear.

GizzA - Draakje's Dream Gown

 Think of a dream where you walk in a field, filled with flowers in overwhelming colors and being surrounded by butterflies. The gentle breeze that plays with your hair and which makes your luscious gown flutter around you and following your every move.

First shown at the Dream Collection show for BOSL Fashion Week 2012, this gown is a masterpiece, created for the hopeless romantic, who loves to go dancing with the love of her life.

Feel like a princess in this regal gown in amazing virbant and bold colors, which surely will have you be the center of any room you enter.

GizzA - Skinny Pants

Sometimes style is just feeling great and confident in what you're wearing. And with the new Skinny Pants collection from GizzA, that is just what you will be feeling. Hugging your hips firmly, it will give you the shaply curves you will be loving to flaunt.

Reacching back to the 80's, when glam rock was at its peak, the GizzA- Skinny pants come in a large variety of colours and fabrics. Slick leathers, grunged jeans, skintight metallics. You will have a hard time choosing.