GizzA - HighWaist Woolen Pants

Glamorous vintage and drawing attention wherever you go. The GizzA - Highwaist Woolen Pants are made of the finest woolen fabrics, soft and warm to the touch, showing the world that you can conquer the cold city winters styled to perfection. Wear with a warm lush sweater or with a stylish blouse.

Step out in style with the GizzA - Highwaist Woolen Pants which come in a large variety of colors, which are perfect in tune with the trends of this winter season.

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GizzA - Turtle Neck Sweater

Sophisticated and chic, a bare essential for your wardrobe, is the GizzA - Turtle Neck Sweater.  The big collar keeping you warm in style as the airs gets chilly and first snow starts to fall. Match with your favorite pair of pants or with a classy skirt. Options are limitless when styling this glamorous sweater.

This partial mesh sweater is available in 4 colors, and come with mesh cowl and mesh armwarmer styled gloves.

GizzA - Espresso Break

Imagine that powerful woman, walking with confidence on her way to the office. Or to that meeting with other heads of industries. She walks fast and determined, yet slows down to the smell of her favorite brand of coffee. Like her ensemble, she likes her coffee in a strong flavor. 

High waisted, slight bell bottomed mesh pants, topped with a cowl sweater. Matching mesh armwarmer gloves and mesh bag to complete the urban casual chic look. GizzA - Espresso Break is the must have outfit for the ultimate city fashionista.

GizzA - Morning After

For those special Morning Afters, where you feel like slipping into a sexy dress and spend the lazy day with that special someone from the Night Before. 

Feel sexy in this satin slipdress! Daring and showing your legs to the max, GizzA - Morning After dress comes in a large variety of colours (nine) and comes with matching panties.

Noone will be able to resist you!

GizzA - Fiers de la Haute

Be that Fashion Femme Fatale in GizzA - Fiers de la Haute gown.

Fierce and Flamboyant, the GizzA - Fiers de la Haute gown is an edgy and avant garde gown. The top is daring in transparent chiffon which can be worn with or without the bra, depending on your mood (or modesty). The luscious belted skirt is made in layers and layers of black gem studded tulle. 

GizzA - Military Coats

A coat with a military Flair.
Mix it up with a pant, short, skirt or be daring in a simple bodysuit. Play to combine all styles with it, it will always fit. 

The GizzA - Military Coats come in 8 colours, all in the fall 2012 colourscheme, with dark red, plum, olive, mullberry, brow, green, grey and so much more options to choose from. Come check it out!

GizzA - Padded Coats

Casual look for this different coat... Wear it with a pair of jeans,  chic pants or a cute mini dress and you will shine everywhere. 

The GizzA - Padded Coats are perfect to keep you warm in style!
Available in numerous colours, there is always a colour that will fit you best so get yours now!

GizzA - Belted Coats

Sophisticated and Chique are just two words describing the new Belted Coats.
The perfect compliment to your autumn 2012 wardrobe, this versatile coat can be worn with pants, with a miniskirt or even wear it as a dress.

Wear it with a scarf, also available in matching colours, or wear without, the Belted Coats will meet your every stylingwish now that the winds are picking up and the leaves are falling.

GizzA - Fall 2012 Collection for Men

Get inspired by the creations from the GIZZA FALL 2012 COLLECTION, with its earthtones, furs and comfortable sweaters and jackets, there is a style for everyone, from casual, to chique, daytime to evening.

Feel the chill in the air against your face, and as the trees start to shed their leaves, you know that with GIZZA FALL 2012 COLLECTION, you have the clothing available to conquer the storms and the rains. 

The latest designs by GizzA, photographed in wonderful settings, styled and modeled by the creme de la creme of male models in Second Life.

Why would you settle for less?

GizzA - Studded Suits

When Rock meets Ethnic is when the most beautiful things happen.
Dark, luscious and very glamorous designs are born and you can't help to start sing along with your favorite rock band.

The ensemble is versatile with more then one style to choose from. Wear it sexy with the mini skirt or be the ultimate rock diva in the long pants.

To top off the amazing look, the jewelry for the GizzA - Studded Suits is included in the package, so once again, convenience is provided and the perfect rock look is ready for you to wear.

GizzA - Draakje's Dream Gown

 Think of a dream where you walk in a field, filled with flowers in overwhelming colors and being surrounded by butterflies. The gentle breeze that plays with your hair and which makes your luscious gown flutter around you and following your every move.

First shown at the Dream Collection show for BOSL Fashion Week 2012, this gown is a masterpiece, created for the hopeless romantic, who loves to go dancing with the love of her life.

Feel like a princess in this regal gown in amazing virbant and bold colors, which surely will have you be the center of any room you enter.

GizzA - Skinny Pants

Sometimes style is just feeling great and confident in what you're wearing. And with the new Skinny Pants collection from GizzA, that is just what you will be feeling. Hugging your hips firmly, it will give you the shaply curves you will be loving to flaunt.

Reacching back to the 80's, when glam rock was at its peak, the GizzA- Skinny pants come in a large variety of colours and fabrics. Slick leathers, grunged jeans, skintight metallics. You will have a hard time choosing.

GizzA - Catwalk Dress

Classy in leather oozes with this stunning dress. The tranparent sleeves and highly detailed textures will make you shine in an Avantgarde look, everywhere you go.

GizzA - Glam Rock Suit

Is it Glam, or is it Rock? Or maybe a little bit of both?

The GizzA Glam Rock Suit is perfect for that hot and sexy style.
Wear it as lingerie or as outfit.

GizzA - Chicago Blues

Limited Edition!

A wonderfull gown in black & grey silk, with its long mesh skirt gown is the perfect mix between Avantgarde and stylish chique. Only 50 copies of the gown are offered.

The gown comes with gloves and matching hat. Be unique in your Chicago Blues gown and buy yours today!

GizzA - Halloween Season

Something wicked this way comes!

GizzA kicks off the Halloween Season with a special sale for you all. 
Halloween outfits with 50% off discount are waiting for you, IF you dare!

Red eyes are included in the Passion & Glory Female and Male outfits!

GizzA - Pretty Bald In Pink

Pretty Bald in Pink is the annual photo campaign in Second Life to raise awareness and promote knowledge for (breast) cancer victims, their families and everyone affected by this disease.

Please read more about it on the website for

Gizza Creation is proud to be a sponsor to this great cause, offering a dress in beautifull pink.
Pick up your free copy at the mainstore and show your support!

GizzA - Dolly Dress

Here are some new creations for you for this end of September.
Glamorous, sexy or avant garde style for you this month, you have the choice.

Floral, Lace or even Angels for this glamorous dress, full of textures details
Coming with boots & socks for a chic style. 

GizzA - Marleen Dress

What about a cocktail party for the last days of summer?
For a chic,glamorous look with an urban edge, you should look no further than Gizza Creations.

You will feel comfortable in this silky dress where trendy twists and classic elements collide. Wonderfull for a cocktail party or only to wear for a walk in the night, this new dress will make you shine in every situation.

GizzA - Felicia Coats

Bring on Autumn winds and venture outside in a comfortable but always fashionable Coat for those long walks in the forest, enjoying the deep earthen colours. What better to step out in the new Felicia Coats by GizzA Creations. 

Added for your convenience, allowing you the select one of three preset colors, is the colourchanging HUD.

You can match the Felicia Coats to match your every style. For those who aren't afraid of the cold and dare to bare a little skin there is 
always the option of wearing the Coat without the sweater.

Felicia Coats came in 6 warm colours, to mix and match with the sweater, the color combinations are various.

GizzA - Nine to Five

Working Nine to Five! This suave business woman attire shows who really run the world.
The sexy but classy miniskirt with top is adorned snake leather details running down the front, accentuating your assets.

Either at work or running to business class, this ensemble will make you get in touch with your inner power chick!

Nine to five comes in 6 rich, warm colours, all in seasons theme. The outfit comes with matching thigh high boots.

GizzA - Rococo and Baroque Fiori

Embrace Fall with all its fabulous earth colours. GizzA created Rococo, with its vibrants green and orange colours. The wrap around type skirt has detailed floral prints and is joined by a top, in an amazing hand drawn laced texture. With the laced satin collar and cuffs complimenting the look, this fall season will be a fashionable one!

Rococo Fiori comes with matching socks, ankle boots and belt. A complete outfit created specifically for your convenience.

How Haute Couture can your autumn start? The new Fall 2012 collection brings you Baroque Fiori. A (partially mesh) stylish ensemble consisting 
of a skintight, figure-hugging pencil skirt with lavish flowers, topped with a hand-drawn laced top, adorned with a color matching flower.

Baroque Fiori comes as a ready to wear outfit, including belt, stockings and matching ankle booties. 

GizzA - Goodbye Summer Dress

As summer draws to an end, GizzA presents the Goodbye Summer dresses.

Feel like a summer goddess in this beautiful wash of color splashed on flowing maxi dress that will light up your days and nights.

The deep plunging neckline and empire waist draw a willowy figure that sparkles with the light of this whimsical print. 

Goodbye Summer is available in 4 vibrant prints.

GizzA - Safari Shirts

For the men, the summer season is best celebrated with short sleeved shirts and easygoing pants.
The new Safari Shirts (non mesh) are perfect for those hot summer days, where only the best quality cotton shirts will do. 

With the full options of layers, you can wear Safari Shirts tucked or un-tucked, whichever fits your style, mood or occasion.

Safari Shirts are available in 6 colours.  

GizzA - Tank Top - mesh

To compliment every womans wardrobe, GizzA has created the perfect Tank top.
Daring in its design, with the shoulderstrap dangling dangeroulsy from one shoulder, you are certainly catching the eyes of many as you walk by.

Not for the faint of heart, this is a cropped mesh tank top, showing ample side cleavage. Tank top is available in 8 colors and is the perfect match to pair up with the GizzA - Denim Short. 

GizzA - Denim Short - mesh

With the new GizzA - Denim shorts it is definitely a heated summer in the city.
The shorts are short and fit around your body perfectly, accentuating your best assets.

GizzA - Denim shorts come in 4 different  jean colors, from washed to bleached, accommodating everyone in their favorite denim wash.

GizzA - Tunic Suits

Casual yet chique are the new trend for these Tunic suits.
Wear them with strappy sandals for a day at the beach or spice them up with boots for a night at the disco.

Vibrant colours, haute couture patterns, the Tunic Suits are the perfect addition for your summer wardrobe and with the large variety of colours available, you will not stop at buying just one.

GizzA Tunic suit comes with
- mesh tunic top in 4 different sizes for easy fitting, 
- belt
- shorts and top (clothing layers)