GizzA - Pre Spring 2013 Collection

For days where the sun is subtly showing its face again, and the soil is warming up, the GizzA - Loose Cardigans are the ideal compliment. Knitted wool, loosely held together by the knitted belt wrapped around the waist they match with skirts, the latest Mandy pants but also shorts and (skinny) jeans. GizzA - Loose Cardigans are available in 8 colors, and a white v neck t-shirt is included.

Meet Mandy! The newest pants by GizzA Creations. Ultra feminine knee length pants, that fall loosely around the hips, giving it a prep school look with a modern twist.  Wear with knee high boots for an edgy or killer heels for an elegant flair. Mandy comes in several options, from solids to floral prints, from ethic to pinstripe. Each pack consists of mesh pants in 5 sizes, with a texture changer hud that gives you the choice of three colors.

Feel every inch the English dandy in the new GizzA - Double Shirts. A clean crisp white blouse topped with a tailored vest that accentuates your waist in a most flattering way. The GizzA- Double Shirts are available in 8 colors, from classic to downright wild, meeting your every styling wish. 

GizzA - Gilda Gown

Romance, elegance and very feminine is the GizzA - Gilda Gown. With the high waisted ballroom style skirt flowing down, the gown moves along with your every step. For sure a gown which you could attend any red carpet event with.

GizzA - Gilda Gown is available in 8 versions, ranging from animal prints to pastels with petal patterns.

The gown is mesh, and a demo is available for you to try before purchase.

GizzA - Gloria Dress

Color blocking to the max. The trend of mixing and matching bold colors is still very much the thing in 2013. GizzA - Gloria Dress does just that. Along with more classical solid tones, this sassy Peplum minidress is a definite Must Have for every fan of color.

GizzA - Gloria Dress is brought to you in 12 color varieties, and to make it even sweeter, each dress comes with a texture changer HUD which allows you to choose from 3 colors.

GizzA - Hankie Dress

With a glimpse of Spring, the flirty Hankie Dress is a breath of fresh air after a cold season. The mini dress gives the impression of a handkerchief wrapped around the bust as a bandeau, draped down at the front.
With the luscious satin and leather fabrics, this is the must have for upcoming days, where sun starts to peak in and spreads warmth,

The GizzA - Hankie Dress Dress comes in 8 colors, in two different styles of fabrics (leather and satin) and are mesh. We advise you to get a demo before purchasing.

GizzA - Rich & Famous Dress

Step out, no.. Burst out to the party scene in this ultra glitz and glam ensemble. GizzA - Rich & Famous is a turtle neck, mini skirt party outfit, with tassels falling down the hips and feathers on the shoulders that frame your face.
The sequined fabric catches those clubbing lights, making you the shiny center of the party.

Why not feel like a million bucks? Get your favorite color today!

The GizzA - Rich & Famous Dress comes in 4 colors, and are mesh. We advise you to get a demo before purchasing.

GizzA - Starlight Outfits

D.I.S.C.O. is what comes to mind when you are wearing Starlight, the 70's Glamrock ensemble by GizzA Creations. Vibrant in color and funky in design, the two main ingredients for the Discoqueen you know you are!

Starlight Outfits is mesh, and includes the (also mesh) Studded Boots. Available in 3 colorful variations.