GizzA - Vivien Boots

Warm and ultra stylish to the max are the GizzA - Vivien Boots. With the ankle height of the boots you can be sure to weather any of the coming winter snow or winds. Get ready to wow the crowds with the appeal of English boarding school wear.

100% Original mesh, these boots are a frontrunner for Autumn / Winter.

Available in 6 color packs, that have 3 colors each, to meet your ever mix and match styling demands.

GizzA - Glam Fever

Black and Gold once again proves to be a combination that can't be beat.
Fierce and Glam, GizzA - Glam Fever  is a ready to wear ensemble.

A Jacket, Leggings and Boots, which are adorned with golden studs, are completed with a knucklebuster Purse, Sunglasses and Earrings.

GizzA - Woolen Series

When autumn progresses, and winds are raging across the lands, what better way to cozy up with the  GizzA - Woolen Series? A line of knitted cropped and belted tops, tartan miniskirts and felt matching hats to mix and match to your hearts content. All creations are sold separate, how much more convenience can you ask for?

The top is available in 6 seasonal colors, the miniskirt also comes in 6 colors and the felt hat is available in 6 packs that include 3 colors which can be changed with the color HUD. This color changer HUD allows you to change the fabric of the hat as well as the band and bow on the hat.

GizzA - Femme Fatale

Oh La la! GizzA - Femme Fatale is ruthlessly sexy! Be prepared to amaze many when wearing this daring ensemble, which consists off a sheer bodysuit with lace bodice and tightly fit (mesh) corset.

GizzA - Femme Fatale is completed with matching, thigh high boots and with a floor length transparent ruffled cloak.

GizzA - Military, Cargo Pants and Baggy Jeans [MALE]

The Fall Winter collection by GizzA for men includes a large range of pants that can be worn with the jackets, shirts and shoes.

The Baggy Jeans by GizzA are THE denim must have for men. In 6 colors that fit the current season...

GizzA - Leather Cargo Pants is a pair of pants with baggy crotch and reaches to the knee. Casual and street wise. The pants are available in 6 colors

The GizzA - Military Pants are tappered pants created to be worn with the GizzA - Worker Boots and are available in color packs of 2 colors with a color changer HUD for the belt on each pair of pants,

GizzA - Worker Boots [MALE]

The collection for Autumn / Winter would not be complete without sturdy and warm male boots. High kicker boots that are loosely tied are the ideal completion to your Fall wardrobe and can me matched perfectly with the collection Military and Cargo Pants.
Available in the seasons favorite colors, the boots have a 3 color leather lace option for you to choose from.

GizzA - Vintage Aviator Jacket [MALE]

Spot on the upcoming seasons is the GizzA - Vintage Aviator Jacket for the men. A Long sleeved leather jacket that fits comfortably around your torso, with matching Shirt which is worn underneath (optional).

The GizzA - Vintage Aviator Jacket can be worn in 2 different styles; 
Just the jacket or a combination of the Jacket with T-Shirt.
There are 6 different alpha's for fitting your body shape.