GizzA - Cotton Series

Summer 2013 officially begun. With the GizzA - Cotton Series you find the perfect compliment for your summer wardrobe, with the seperate mix and match items, all crafted to be compatible with each other.

The tailored cropped Cotton jackets are richly embroided and adorned with studs in floral prints bt also vibrant summer colors and tough denim. GizzA - Cotton Jackets come in 5 packs, which all contain 3 different colors and also 3 different color tops to match.

Classic are the Cotton Shorts, with a normal waist rise fit and cut off on the hips for a flattering silhouette.  
GizzA - Cotton Shorts are available in 6 packs which each contains 3 colors for you to choose from.

The Folded Blouse is a perfect addittion to your summer wardrobe, which are perfect to style with the Cotton Shorts or your other pair of favorite pants. Showing ample cleavage, it is bright and airy, keeping you cool as onlookers get warm from the sight of you in it.

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