GizzA - Tank Top - mesh

To compliment every womans wardrobe, GizzA has created the perfect Tank top.
Daring in its design, with the shoulderstrap dangling dangeroulsy from one shoulder, you are certainly catching the eyes of many as you walk by.

Not for the faint of heart, this is a cropped mesh tank top, showing ample side cleavage. Tank top is available in 8 colors and is the perfect match to pair up with the GizzA - Denim Short. 

GizzA - Denim Short - mesh

With the new GizzA - Denim shorts it is definitely a heated summer in the city.
The shorts are short and fit around your body perfectly, accentuating your best assets.

GizzA - Denim shorts come in 4 different  jean colors, from washed to bleached, accommodating everyone in their favorite denim wash.

GizzA - Tunic Suits

Casual yet chique are the new trend for these Tunic suits.
Wear them with strappy sandals for a day at the beach or spice them up with boots for a night at the disco.

Vibrant colours, haute couture patterns, the Tunic Suits are the perfect addition for your summer wardrobe and with the large variety of colours available, you will not stop at buying just one.

GizzA Tunic suit comes with
- mesh tunic top in 4 different sizes for easy fitting, 
- belt
- shorts and top (clothing layers)

GizzA - Gitana Del Alma Mia

Limited Edition!

As summer heats up, this amazing spanish inspired gown is offered to you in a limited edition of only 50 (fifty) pieces.

The long ballgown skirt moves graceously as you walk (or dance, Olé). A bodyhugging corset tops the gown and the gloves and matching flowered choker compliments the look of that of a spanish senorita on her way to party the night away.

GizzA - Nautical Set

Another stunning summer creation by GizzA is the Nautical set, consisting of a slouchy mesh sweater shirt and a comfortable white Bermuda shorts. 

Who can resist a sharply dressed man, even when on a casual boating trip, or just an evening stroll down the boulevard?

Available in the classic red and blue naval colors, this is a casual, sporty set, no athletic man can miss from his wardrobe. With the shoes also coming with the ensemble, this is a ready to wear look for the summer.

GizzA - Kiana Bridal Gown

Be dressed to kill in this mermaid gown featuring inset laced corseting at the waist and daring sweeps of satin and tulle. Not only will you sweep your groom off off his feet, you will leave every man in envy as you walk by next to the man of your dreams.

Kiana wraps around your body, following your every movement. The luxurious frothy collar framing your face perfectly.

Kiana is available in 4 colours. The pure and innocent bridal white, a daring black, a scrumptious cream and a classic black and white combination.

GizzA - Florescence Dress

GizzA - Blazer Suits

Powerful and Feminine in monochrome Black & Whites, 
Blazer Suits will make any woman who knows her business feel fit for another day on Top!

Available in 3 different patterns, BLAZER suits are MESH, 
come in 4 sizes and include:
- Alpha layer 
- Transparent chiffon blouse 
- Leather hotpants short 
- Gloves 
- Satin Socks

GizzA - Elegant Steps

Perfect for fancy cocktail parties on these long summer evenings.
This lady like ensemble pairs intricate lace with the cut of a sleek pencil skirt, while a peplum at the hips adds a flirtatious touch.

Shimmer and style with a feminine touch is the hallmark of this lovely dress. Elegant Steps is available in 4 classic pastel colours.

Elegant Steps is also available in classic black at Vintage Fair 2012.