GizzA - Black Seduction

Embrace your darker kinky side with GizzA - Black Seduction.
This formfitting attire, with a daring high waisted and belted (mesh) hot pants and sheer bodice is the epitome off female confidence.

GizzA - Black Seduction is complimented shoulder pieces and cuffs for a powerful silhouette

GizzA - Mix-Match Outfit

Ready to wear, what is more convenient then that?
The look already styled and gathered for you in one package waiting for you to slip it on and go on your way.

The outfit consists of:
- V Neck shirt in cream
Loose denim shorts in Ice (MESH in 5 sizes)
Epaulette Set in cream
Odysey Watch & Bracelets in white
Studded Boots in cream

GizzA - Chantelle Gown

New for the spring formal season is GizzA - Chantelle Gown. An elegant gown perfect for a soirée.

GizzA - Chantelle is a sexy and sleek full length gown, that follows your curves, which is completed with a golden belt and golden hoop necklace.

The gown is availabe in 4 classical colors.

GizzA - Accessories Handkeys

GizzA Creations proudly introduces the newest releases of the new GizzA - Accessories Collection.

GizzA - Handkeys are available in 10 different versions which can be devided in 3 categories.

Toys - Playfull and for those who don't shy from embracing their inner child. How can you not smile looking at your childhood favorites?

Kinky - For those who dare to bare it all. The ones passionate about their hobbies and occupation.

Animals - Diamond studded animals for the stylish lovers of cats, frogs (wibbit) and dolfines. Move over Paris Hilton, a Handkey is the next animalfriendly accessory. 

GizzA - Accessories Watches & Bracelets

GizzA Creations proudly introduces the first releases of the new GizzA - Accessories Collection.

Statement watches and bracelets which can be worn together but also separate. The colors are earthy, and will match with any color outfit you choose to wear that day.

Casual and Chic, these watch and bracelets combos will be an asset  to your wardrobe. With round and square watch cases. 

GizzA - Odyssey is a classic watch with bangled bracelets in a splendor of different fabrics and metals.

GizzA - Asia Watch & Bracelets is a watch with a cuff and with beaded chains bracelets.